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Today was the day I was supposed rid of my number one (well not really) vice. This evil in my mouth that most call braces.  I think I’ve suffered long enough, over four years, not to mention that with school starting in less then a month I’ve got nothing to impress my peers with besides my attractive, not, mouthgear. 

This is how my long awaited day should have went, I would awake bright and early at about twelve take the next hour and a half preparing myself and then leave off to Queens Boulevard to my fantastic but not funny orthodontist for my appointment at 2.  Arriving there I would be escorted to my favorite cute young orthadontist whose name I have forgotten at the time. He would compliment my excellent  brushing and flossing skills, because they are. Off would come my braces my teeth cleaned and then my confident, perfect and scintillating smile would bring oohs and ahs from the crowd.  I would return home later that afternoon show off for some time and then retire to my bed for another five hours before dinner.

Wrong! I was awaken at the ungodly hour of 7:30 trapezed around the house looking for a peaceful place to lay my head. After a reasonable four more hours of sleep I awoke to madness was rushed out of the door by my insane and always tardy mother.  On the road she was so busy thinking of what most nutty mothers think of and she missed the turn for the Van Wyck.  Finally reaching the office the only orthodontist there was the old and married one, though he is funny. He gave me the bad news that my braces wouldn’t be removed until my next visit after I had patiently (well not really) waited months. Months!  He tightened me up and basically threw me out (well not really). Maybe it was because I was late?  I return home hoping to at least get some much needed shut eye after my unsuccessful day. Negative! My mom is telling me that we have to visit her sister. So I guess I’ll be jumping into a pool later today if it doesn’t rain.



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August 7, 2008 at 3:39 pm

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