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Hazimemasite! My name is Danielle. I’m fifteen nearly sixteen, and I am about to divorce my braces of over four years. My goals for the future are to be helpful. I’m pretty short and my fashion sense is far from sane. I love tam’s and japanese but that somehow makes me many friends. I am an animal lover and a vegetarian of 2 years. In the distant future I do wish to work with animals mainly the dangerous and most exotic ones. My favorite show is the avatar so I guess you could say I have childish interests. I like to think I’m funny and that I bring joy to many persons lives. at least. I have 5 siblings one mother and one father . I am "too" laid back says one while being "too" involved too another. So I guess that makes me agreeable. I hate prejudice and judging all together so my life does consist of other things besides talking about people. As I was saying I love japanese and I am now a year two student so I might be able to one day write an entry in complete japanese. hopefully. Besides that I listen to music frequently internet surf and get together with my friends. Doozo yorosiku onegai simasu!



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August 7, 2008 at 3:00 pm

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