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I’ve recently noticed that I am completely guilty of conformity. Not that that is a shameful or anything for anyone else, I just hate it. I like to be my own person and to the tell the truth I haven’t to my fullest. I’m african-american so it is assumed that I just like hip-hop and rap. Wrong! I went through all types of genres of music and although I do l enjoy the former I also really like rock and techno, stuff like that.  Lately though, I’ve been going with th flow of everything partly because of stress and partly because of sheer boredom.
       I listen to all types of lame mainstream music
       I’ve been getting self conscience about my completely nutty hair
       I’ve lost my wittiness
And no, I’m not having a major complex over this, it’s just that I’m not…how should I say… enjoying myself as I was when I was being "terrible". (lawl) I miss being spon-tan-you-wus. I made myself laugh at the least. I need a stress reliever maybe a sport or a club but I have no idea’s for that. What should I do?



Written by Br1dgeoverwater

August 8, 2008 at 8:00 pm

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