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Feeling Chlorinated

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Last Night I went to visit some of my family in Long Island. The great part was jumping in the pool and fooling around with my montage of siblings. I personally cannot swim and when I "slipped " in to the deep (damn you Rachel) I launched into a sack of overworked gurgling and splashing. I was scared, I find that my actions were reasonable. So anyway after that fabulous event I swallowed six gallons of chlorine water and helplessly watched as my sister and cousin swam multiple laps around the enormous (well not really). How greatly has my mother deprived me in my tedious 15, nearly 16, years of like that I am in danger of drowning in 3 feet of water. Don’t parents get some kind of rule book were they are told you must do a and you must do b. My mother is likely to do an h-e-l-l-n-o. (What is the point of calling a laptop a laptop if it’s just going to boil your leg tissue!) My uncle Luigi owns a bakery so when he got home to see 20 minutes before we left he brought home lots of yummy treats for me to scarf down and cry about later. Ever since the pool I’ve been burping like it was my business and it doesn’t stop there. I had to wake up at 8:20 this morning to get a shot in my mouth and a filling. That’s something else unwanted coming from my mouth.



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August 8, 2008 at 12:48 pm

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