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I guess you could say I have secular interests. I want to travel learn this learn that. It’s what most teens my age dream of right. I think I have a simple plan of just getting out and staying out there. Yes, I want to get married,  I want a child ( or children), and I want a steady ( yuck I hate using that word right now) job. But I don’t want to close my life into a simple routine. I don’t want a husband that will be infatuated with me the first few months of our marriage and then gradually distance himself from me. i want to be IN love for the rest of my life that means I demand attention everyday. Though that may sound rude it’s what I really want to be loved everyday and of course giving that same love. I want children that will want things in life and work to get not expect everything to be handed to them. Not perfect children if they were I would worry. I want a little argument and fuss in my house because it will show that we are all human. More later I guess.



Written by Br1dgeoverwater

August 9, 2008 at 1:08 am

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