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Guessing that this make me abnormal because I don’t want just the average pet. Although, I am crazy for big dopey looking dogs I want a potbellied pig. And not just any kind mind you, I want the smallest miniature pigs in the world. What’s so unique about this pig is that it’s real athletic, it has longer legs than the average potbellied pig so I’m excited to see him jumping and running around my house. And it helps that they are ridiculously cute.

There is one problem with these lovable cuddly creatures. They cost over two thousand dollars.  I know you going to say "they are totally worth it, the cute little bastards", but not that worth it to a fifteen year old girl who has never had a paying job on the books. Maybe I can possibly convince my mom to get it for me as a graduation present but that is still nearly two years away. I need something cute and cuddly to love or else I might decide to get purposely pregnant. I am just kidding I’m not fucking crazy. But still that is almost how bad I want one.

also I want a boy like the one in the photo. I would name him Sebastian (which is the most attractive male name in the world). I would come home from school feed him bottles and meds and make adorable memories. Sigh.



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August 14, 2008 at 5:06 pm

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