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Konban wa! Iio tenki desu nee. I’ve spent the better part of my week traveling through what I believe to be my homeland. New York. Yes, it is where I was born and raised up until two years ago, but I’ve never been able to roam free about it like I am able to do now as at sixteen (almost). Gabrielle (older sis) and I got on the subway in the early afternoon entered Manhattan and spent ten bucks on sunglasses. Gabrielle got these cute pink large pair. I got these hilarious square red  plaid framed ones with really dark lenses. Later my sister and I ate at a Japanese restaurant. I’ll update on the name later. After a lunch-asagohan-of pad tai, tempura and bubble tea we went window shopping and ended up at Forever twenty one spending the down-payment on a house for two wallets. But they are so cute I’ll get a picture later (hell everything is for later). We also sat in a side park next to a group of prostitutes discussing the importance of child support and child sitting. God I love New York.

Today I went into Manhattan to talk to a friend of my aunt’s about how I should go about applying for a high school. Since it is already passed the middle of August it is going to be harder for me to find a school especially as a junior. She,sadly, was not very helpful telling me things that I basically already knew. After that great experience I washed my hair went out with my mom and I am now home.

I love the bustle of the city. It’s on the list of priorities I have for the school I am going to. I’ve been mainly looking in Manhattan because I don’t mind commuting and it’s my kind of place. I was also looking for a school that offered Japanese like I had mentioned in one of my entries earlier. I had thought I found a good one a few days ago but I that idea was shot down. However there is a school that had been my first choice and that I might have a chance of getting into. Tomorrow I have to go to the district office to find out.

Anyway the school sounds really great. It has an honors program which I am really interested in and a wide variety of clubs. The school is High School for Environmental Studies. I’m an animal lover, vegetarian and a tree hugger I think this school suits me perfectly. I ridiculously excited about school. All that will be ruined though if I don’t get into HSES tomorrow I will never got to school again if that;s the case. It always sounds horrible when I try to rant and whine like a normal teenager. Lol. But let’s say luck is on my side then it’s off for school supplies shopping. I love school supplies. Buying them packing them up and using them for the first time it’s so addicting! Hey we all have our own issues to deal with. Oyasumi nasai Livejournal!<3



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August 21, 2008 at 5:49 pm

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