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I decided to sit outside on the swing today and relax for a bit since school is starting tomorrow and eveything is going to wild after that. I ended up laying down and mraveling at the view I was seeing. The sun was shining onto the cover of the swing and a tree, that my neighbor had kept alive fro I don’t know how many years in a pot, was hanging over into our backyard and playing these beautiful shawdows on the cover as well. I thought it was so beautiful and was so entranced by it that I had this large smile on my face from the extreme peace I was feeling. I mean most of the time I think I can potter along with all the noise that is constantly around me but that quiet really invaded me and now I feel like I never want to be without it. So anyway I thought I’d share what I saw because I wanted to capture what I saw and keep it with me but I realize the only way I can really keep the essence of that sight with me is to keep it engraved in my memories. Here are a few, though pale in comparison to what I saw, still aesthetically pleasing photos.








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September 1, 2008 at 6:22 pm

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