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So I got this assignment from my Japanese teacher, he wants us to explain in a short paper what Japanese means to us. And to tell the truth Ive been stuck. I’m not learning Japanese just because I read a ton of manga or watch a monstrosity of anime a day like half of the american population. I’ve been addicted to Asian culture since I watched the movie Mulan as a little girl. I just found the art and the ways of everyday life extemely appealing. I want to write kanji in that beautiful calligraphy and learn the eccentric moves of tai chi.

The problem with explaining this in my paper is that he wants us to use a simile as our example. What could I possibly compare Japanese to. The most I do with my life is go to school, work once in a while, study, listen to music, read, write and daydream. Out of that list the last four are my favorite. I love anything that has to do with thinking and using my imagination. I’m always in lala land. Dame desu yo. May be I should stop thinking abut it so deeply like I do with everything. Chillax danielle and write what comes naturally.



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September 4, 2008 at 10:58 pm

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