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This is what I’m hoping, that Japan trip I mentioned earlier will definitely happen by next spring. That job thing is also a problem. I want spending money – who goes to Japan and does not stock up on Japanese goodies XP

At school
I’m getting the hang of things but still can’t figure out where all my classes are. I’m always having to whip out that annoyingly noobish schedule to understand where I’m going. I wish I could go home during that internship period which is complete crap by the way. I basically have to got o the attendance office everyday 9th period and run errands. For free might I add. Not a big deal though I’m getting credits for it. Speaking of credits I’m going to have more than enough to graduate and get into a good college. Columbia is still my number one choice and then it’s smaller school Barnard (I won’t give up>.<)

I met this girl the day I registered and I haven’t seen her since. I keep thinking about it because she was so nice – who is not drawn to nice people? ( me sometimes). Making friends at a school that big when I’m already a junior is proving to be difficult. there isn’t enough time in the day to talk to anyone – but I did have a talk with a girl in internship named Jessica. She’s cool. I love her hair, I can’t wait until I am allowed (what’s wrong with this statement?) to pull out these damned braids. Arg >.<! I’m so tired of them, I’ve never had to wear weave in my hair before but my mom thought it would be a good idea, easier to handle I guess.

I’ve completely rid myself of that awful cold. I’m so much more awake. But I keep getting sidetracked with ‘stuff’. Literally. One night I stayed up an hour organizing my laundry as if I had the time. I want to go into school third period tomorrow for tutoring session so I can catch up on the week of school I missed. It’s not much that I missed but I also have these crazy ‘labs’ to make up with a teacher who I heard was nuts.

I need to search for a new song pretty soon. Maybe something by Chester French or whatever. Whatever my mood is I guess. Night<3



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September 24, 2008 at 8:08 pm

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