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Today I stayed at school an hour later for this PSAT seminar. When I took the PSAT last year I don’t think I did amazing, so I want to take it again this year to at least see where I stand and whether or notI will do well. I am a horrible test taker. T_T

So this program today called SAT solutions offers classes this spring for around $400 so I want to sign up as soon as possible before they run out of space. They only admit 12 students per class. However, I still think this thing is a bit of a ripoff considering it’s only 8 classes (at 3 hours each class), so that’s 24 hours for $400 making each class $16 and change – look at me trying to seem on top of things when we all know I whipped out the computer calculator xD

But I need it sadly so I can’t exactly protest. The woman, sorry I forgot her name, said that this course can raise our scores by 60-70 points with each section. That sounds like a guarantee so if it doesn’t work out I might possibly consider demanding my money back so I can buy something that I can actually hold (please no similes on how I will be able to hold that $400 knowledge in my mind just like a I would with a $400 gift).

I already have an SAT prep book from the Princeton Review. It also cost  a fortune and has around a thousand pages so I will definitely have some light reading until I reach college (laugh). I’m really tired – that is supposed to cover for my ridiculous and not so amusing humor – I’ve been studying for chemistry for half my life today (teenagers love to exaggerate) and I still have American History homework to do. I spent some time watching Sara Palin embarrass herself today during the debate. More on that later but that woman is just so completely ridiculous I just want to bury her in a hole. (I love how she completely fucked up on the achilles heel question and Biden just gave a little smirk when he began to answer his).

I think I’ve said enough. Night.



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October 2, 2008 at 11:35 pm

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