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Today’s my birthday! I’m sixteen I can drive and I can get a debit card. Some more things that I can cross of my list of life fulfillments. Yesterday I had spent a year and a day taking all those blasted braids out and today I washed and blow dried my hair. I’ve never felt so fresh xD. –  don’t know why but the volume on my computer just suddenly stopped working when it is obviously on- On Friday I stayed up until 3 a.m. making a bunch of mix cds and I ended up downloading a lot of Regina Spektor music (I just love her <3) I was playing it today and yesterday and now my little sisters can’t get enough.  I’ve been on myspace a lot surprisingly because I miss my friends so much from Virginia. I’m only saying this because I was just messaging my friend lol. But anyway I got this really old and huge stereo from this thrift shop I’ve been asking my uncle for since before Genesis for my birthday (it’s so perfect I love it). I also got a directors chair, a clock, and a harujuku girls tote. I’m pretty fricken happy. The only thing is my headphones broke and now I want to rip my skin off from lack off music withdrawal. So I must have confused my emotions earlier with being extremely pissed.

On Tuesday I am going to a Japanese book-off! That is going to be so much fun. They are selling used manga and what-not for really cheap. After that we ( I’m going with my Japanese class) are going to a restaurant called Todai. And I have to bring a lot of money because it’s really expensive. That will add to my birthday fun. Oh,

Ugh my brother just did something completely foolish and set off the circuit breaker and the whole left side of the first level of the house went out. How annoying right in the middle of my thought. And of course we fought about it because now that he is older he thinks he can. He sucks. Back to my birthday news.

Oh, one thing. This is going to make me sound like a myspace fiend but I love when up and coming artist add me. Especially the solo guitarist kind. SO anyway there is this one guy Ben Rawles from the UK and I love his songs (he is so adorable). Anyway I was cruising around on his page and I asked him to leave me a nice birthday message and he did which I think is so sweet about new musicians because they actually care about their fans.

Sister has been secretly teaching me to drive in my aunt’s car. It is so scary! This is why I thank the heavens for public trasportation. I’m going to be on the subway for the rest of my life at the rate I’m going. But if I’m not I would like immensely to get an old (’94 maybe) Jeep Wrangler. It is above my favorite car and the older it is the more I love it. Maybe for my next birthday.



Written by Br1dgeoverwater

October 19, 2008 at 9:17 pm

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