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A family friend said that I should never be bored because of something about being alive that I can’t quite remember but I feel it profusely right now and I can’t help it. The last couple of days have been school cleaning studying and sleeping. I feel as if I have no choice. I really want a job. I thought I would volunteer as a candy striper and get a job as well. Thank everything you can make up your own hours when it comes to community service. It’s just the getting the job part that is the hardest. My sister has been trying to get a job since early this year. I don’t know what that implies when it comes to me getting a job.

I’ve kind of been enjoying myself lately – besides the boredom – because I’ve retreated into my books. I’ve read about 6 in the past 4 days. I’m imagination is going wild with all the different endings I have been making for each book I’ve finished. I’m such a dork at heart. Today in American History this kid, Victor, nearly jumped out of his seat when I told him I loved and referring to my own dictionary. I’ve never seen anyone laugh that hard and creepily in my life. I mean what is so surprising. I can’t highlight and write my own example sentences in my own dictionary and constantly check for grammar or spelling mistakes. I love words.

Besides that I’ve been coming home earlier in the afternoon, around 3:30 sometimes. Usually I just go home and lounge around like I "used" to *snicker snicker*. But Sister said that I should come and meet her up at Laguardia before her 6 o’clock class so we can hang out around LIC. Sounds tempting. If only she went to school at NYU or Hunter. I’d be in Manhattan in a minute.

You can tell that school has completely numbed my mind what with all the book and grammar talk and especially about meeting up at someone else’s school. I feel crazy half the time really. I fall asleep in class a lot. But I’m starting to enjoy art again. It’s not as boring if you break out of the routine a bit and do somethings that you just feel like doing and go with your own flow.

What’s funny now is that am at the library again today and I just borrowed three more books. That probably make about 20 books since the 4 times I’ve been here since last week. I need a shirt that says nerd alert. You know, just so people can be well, alert.



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October 27, 2008 at 5:52 pm

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