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Today, November 18th of the year 2008 it snowed in New York City and I freaked the hell out I was so happy! I haven’t seen snow in over two years so I can be forgiven for this brief moment of erratic"ness". Even though it is frigidly cold and I had to go outside for gym (lulz my gym class is called the polar bears) in a short sleeved shirt I still love winter to bits – after fall of course, with all it’s pretty falling leaves and my birthday. Isn’t it exciting to just wake up and feel (everything dying around you…kidding) that fresh cold and the coming of Christmas and Christmas music and the snow of all things. I’m just so eager for this winter it’s ridiculous.

So besides my over-hype about the sprinkling of snow I was blessed with today, I got some really good news in school. I got an 102 on my English exam, an 100 on my Japanese exam and a not so pleasing 83 on my American History exam. Also I think I did pretty well on my Math B test also, enough to at least stay in the class hopefully. I have homework to do, but me as the dedicated procrastinator, will probably wait until about 10 o’clock to start doing (curse it…CURSE IT!). *My fingertips are freezing off T_T*. My mom is only granting me this needed time on the computer because of this great news. Not my fingertips freezing off but that I am getting better grades.

Oh before I forget! The last episode of True Blood is drawing near and I am going mad! How can you end a perfectly awesome and fricken sweet series after only twelve episodes hmm? And what is this about Renee being a psycho killer – I didn’t like him that much anyway with his fake wanna be Hispanic accent (recently learning that it is actually cajun I am hearing…still bad though) I only tried because of red (why did I forget her name but I can remember Dawn’s who died in like episode 3 or something). I just really don’t want for it to end so soon. Maybe they will have a second season and maybe not, more so not than anything else. Though I really don’t think I can take anymore of Sookie’s confusiosity and igno-revousing of my dear and quite insane Bill. Seriously, Sookie is ridiculously annoying with first all her virginity bragging nonsense and then all the switching between to natural freaks hunks of nature. Can’t she just stick with one non-human and be happy. No! She wants to spoil everyone elses make believe chances. Hmph! *I cannot believe I am so good at this being pissed off about fictional characters xD*. Anyway, when it’s done it’s done naturally.

Oh and how about our president! Barack Obama what a hero. I can’t believe this wasn’t the first thing out of my mouth! Me talking about snow when America has elected it’s first African American President. Now all they have to do is give the native American a fighting chance and all will be love and peace you get it. Seriously though, I am so happy for him and this country I have even started saying the pledge of allegiance again (ain’t that something?). All that is left to do is pray for his safety and the benefits he will hopefully be bringing into office. Hip-Hop hurray (lulz) for Obama <3



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November 18, 2008 at 6:45 pm

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