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Oh I am so happy that it is the weekend. I’ve waited too long all the labs and gym class and chemistry gone until Monday. I sit here now in my baggiest most comfortable and warmest pajamas – it is absolutely freezing. I’m still waiting for my new pea coat to come in the mail. Mymom ordered it on Monday (thanks Mommy – am I the only one that still says mommy at 16 years old) and lots of reviews said that it would be coming in two to three days but when my mom checked the status it says next Wednesday. Isn’t that mad? I have to wait five extra days in order to be warm. It’s like thirty odd degrees out everyday with a windchill of about zero I feel like Jack Dawson near to sinking to a frozen t.v. dinner death. Enough of my sad humor. You know how sometimes you are so unbelievably tired that you could be doing anything in general and then your eyes completely glaze over like there’s wax paper over it? That is exactly what happened to me just now so I am going to have to hit the sack – that sounds so uncomfortable and ridiculous. What person in their unmad mind would want to sleep on a sack? And it would probably be some kind of itchy potato sack by the sounds of it. Ick. Yes, now it is really time for bed.



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November 21, 2008 at 11:16 pm

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