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I drew a new face and laughed today.
I cut off a few inches of my hair and cried about it.
I love my haircut.
I have developed my first love hate relationship with Tiffany.
I right now love Tiffany.
I got a cellphone that I spend all day reading fanfiction on.
I have only used 13 of 1000 minutes on said phone.
I have enjoyed this winter 0 times this year.
I love winter.
I painted my nails "Grape" purple today.
I bit my nails down to the quick before that today.
I have developed 3 crushes with guys I don’t really want to get to know.
I have acquired 2 crushes with guys that kind of creep me out with their averageness.
I have talked frequently with both of said guys to my dismay.
I want really bad to drop this nice attitude towards people who don’t know me too well.
I still want to marry John Mayer.
I had my art displayed around my high school.
I have lost sight of wanting to be better at things just to get back at my family.
I have lost too many battles with this health business.
I am not allowed to go to Bard Early College next fall.
I am writing these things as they pop into my head.
I don’t love myself at the moment.
I want to move back to Virginia.
I love New York City.
I don’t love my home in New York City.
I have watched to many movies in the past few weeks.
I have listened to a lot of music.
I am exhausted.
I am not a genius.
I don’t feel like I am listened to.

I am alone.



Written by Br1dgeoverwater

February 1, 2009 at 11:17 pm

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