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I’ve managed to convince myself that I need a boyfriend. I really don’t know how this happened, I’ve never been really interested in guys my own age unless they are older and I’ve always been too shy to go after older guys – note that is so wrong (to other people >.>). It always dawns on me after I read a really romantic novel or manga or fanfiction (yay fanfiction!) that flirtingly aimlessly with other guys…uhhh people…isn’t well fun…is fun but not as much after a while. After a long exaggerated sigh -_- … this topic is actually leading nowhere I am just expressing my ahem – clears throat – in a healthy and suppressed fashion. Should I bring up my crush life again? Yeah I think it’s a great time -_-

I love how I don’t even have to know this guys name and I would still be all over him in a second. We have gym together I believe, but not under the same instruction. Let me explain. This guy isn’t even that attractive – wait that is damned wrong this guy is sex in gym shorts. But he isn’t cute or pretty actually he has a kind of creepy molester type face ^^’. I should just stop. Now I must go on! Haha. Alright he doesn’t exactly look like a rapist it’s just that I’m not so used to his type of facial features. I believe he might be Greek or something. But to put it straight he is gorgeous in a not pretty way. He has these amazing looking shouders and he’s good and tall (I love tall guys xD) and his butt…oh boy he’s great. Lawl. But I don’t know him I don’t really want to get to know him either because he seems kind of rough you know. Actually I don’t really mind that. Maybe I’m just being a pussy like tiffany always says. That bitch. Anyway, back to nothing. I’ll be back. Just draining the old trouser snake….>.>
I was feeling romantic enough by the way.



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February 9, 2009 at 7:49 pm

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