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LAWL: Aim Convo via Tiffany

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——————————- 7:15 pm ——————————-
sumaatochan: >.>
sumaatochan: Hullo
——————————- 7:17 pm ——————————-
dominicansonly93: hi
dominicansonly93: how was your day?
sumaatochan: Suppressed
dominicansonly93: why? what does that mean?
dominicansonly93: look
dominicansonly93: this show is crazy!
dominicansonly93: XD me and my friend watch it
sumaatochan: I can’t watch videos on my phone -_-
dominicansonly93: ‘i forgot
sumaatochan: Thanks ^^’
sumaatochan: Later I guess
dominicansonly93: :/
dominicansonly93: did u get my text message b4?
dominicansonly93: my phone is acting retarded
sumaatochan: I thought I answered
dominicansonly93: its like deleting messages
dominicansonly93: -_-
sumaatochan: Aww
sumaatochan: What timw was it?
sumaatochan: Time
dominicansonly93: idk
dominicansonly93: i dont remember
dominicansonly93: XD ahh this show is awesome!
sumaatochan: Well what did you ask at least >.>
sumaatochan: Shaddup
dominicansonly93: i dont remember
dominicansonly93: oh wait
dominicansonly93: we were learning about aids in school during gym
dominicansonly93: it was sooo boring
dominicansonly93: -_-
sumaatochan: I got it
sumaatochan: I replied
dominicansonly93: u did?
sumaatochan: Yeah
dominicansonly93: i hate my phone
dominicansonly93: i didnt see it
sumaatochan: I’m sorry
dominicansonly93: cuz it deleted it before i got a chance to look
dominicansonly93: no your not
sumaatochan: Lol you don’t know
dominicansonly93: you didnt do anything
sumaatochan: X]
sumaatochan: I’l show you
dominicansonly93: -_- then your stupid
dominicansonly93: :O new face i,ve havent seen
dominicansonly93: i’ve
dominicansonly93: h.o
sumaatochan: I’m very happy for you >.>
sumaatochan: Let’s hang out over president’s week…
sumaatochan: That’s what I said
dominicansonly93: oh i can’t i might go out of state
dominicansonly93: i might go to conneticut
sumaatochan: :[
sumaatochan: Fien
sumaatochan: Fine
sumaatochan: I’m bored though
dominicansonly93: sryy?
dominicansonly93: srry*
dominicansonly93: …
dominicansonly93: no im not
sumaatochan: Huwha?
dominicansonly93: im not sorry
dominicansonly93: :O
dominicansonly93: omg!!
——————————- 7:27 pm ——————————-
dominicansonly93: this man tried to impress this women
dominicansonly93: and he made a prank
sumaatochan: Ok….
dominicansonly93: that he would throw himself against a window and he would bounce back
sumaatochan: Lawl xD
dominicansonly93: but this time he did it and the big window broke
sumaatochan: Awww
dominicansonly93: and he fell to his death
sumaatochan: How tragic
dominicansonly93: and cracked his skull
sumaatochan: He’s an ass
dominicansonly93: broke this spine
dominicansonly93: and ew
sumaatochan: What about his penis
dominicansonly93: :.>
sumaatochan: Typos
sumaatochan: At random speed
sumaatochan: Anyway
sumaatochan: Go
sumaatochan: Gimme a few
sumaatochan: Minutes
dominicansonly93: :o h.o
——————————- 7:54 pm ——————————-
sumaatochan: There ya go
sumaatochan: Make one and add me and you can read all my stuff xD
sumaatochan: Hullo?
——————————- 7:58 pm ——————————-
dominicansonly93: i dont feel like making one
sumaatochan: D:
dominicansonly93: do i have to make one to read yours
sumaatochan: Yeah
dominicansonly93: noo i dont have to
sumaatochan: Mine is private
dominicansonly93: : D ive read blogs before
dominicansonly93: .. you suck
sumaatochan: Mine is private
dominicansonly93: -_- forget it
sumaatochan: Thank you
sumaatochan: Aww
sumaatochan: Come on
sumaatochan: Just make and that’s it you just read
dominicansonly93: no
dominicansonly93: give me your password
dominicansonly93: and let me read it
sumaatochan: Lol you nut
sumaatochan: Get your oen >..>
dominicansonly93: cheap
sumaatochan: Yeah
dominicansonly93: dont usse hard words
sumaatochan: You knew what it meant
sumaatochan: Have you at least visited my blog T_T
sumaatochan: I wish you wuld make one
sumaatochan: Would
dominicansonly93: no
sumaatochan: I feel like the only one
dominicansonly93: why would i if i cant read it
sumaatochan: Make one
dominicansonly93: give me your password and ill read it
dominicansonly93: and ur name or w.e
sumaatochan: And the first one is visible
sumaatochan: And a song I posted
dominicansonly93: h.o
dominicansonly93: your persistant and annoying
sumaatochan: Hee xD
——————————- 8:09 pm ——————————-
dominicansonly93: okie i saw it
sumaatochan: Aren’t you tempted now
sumaatochan: ?
dominicansonly93: … no
dominicansonly93: what do u write about?
sumaatochan: Well today I was babbling a little about my ugly/sexy guy
sumaatochan: Describing his molesting looking…looks
sumaatochan: Uhh
sumaatochan: Yeah
dominicansonly93: who’s that
dominicansonly93: ?
sumaatochan: That blond haired pubic faced beast
sumaatochan: Who is sexy :D
sumaatochan: I am eating a pickle
sumaatochan: Hey…I can post that!


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