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Good news, I am going to school tomorrow and bad news, I am going to school tomorrow. Come on, can you really expect any other reaction when I have already gotten used to and enjoyed this lovely thing called free time. I wanna just sit around for the rest of the day and do nothing but since I haven’t gone to school since last Thursday I also haven’t done any homework since last Wednesday. Shit -_-. So there’s always that to do. I had to e-mail my perky environmental science class teacher yesterday to warn him that I couldn’t come into class today. I hope he took it well I don’t want to be sitting in the back for the rest of the term. I still did my journal entry for it though like a good girl, you know scraping up the jumble of ideas we went over the prevoous class. Wouldn’t it be funny if science was just completely wrong and only worked to prove questions but never gave answers. Yeah I didn’t think would be funny either >.>. My brain is still numb from my nap.

So when President’s Week comes up I still have to go to Queens’s College for my class. I should just right them off saying I can’t walk…eventhough I can, I’m just lazy. It’s only 2 days but you know. Oh l’m just sleepy :D. Tiffany was pointing out some ways I can listen to new music – you know the lack of rock channels they have in new york – and she steered me towards AOL radio. So that’s where I have been enjoying myself. My lead song up the by Stereophonics, yep found it there xD. And even though I always knew Bjork and had samples of her style before when she pops up on the radio I enjoy it 10 times more, like one song thriumph of a heart that I am listening to right now over and over again (right before billy jean)….and hidden place which Tiffany loves even though the video is freaky as shit. She has like ooze running out of the 7 holes that are built in our faces, you know eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. It’s some metallic mess too, just creeps me out.



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February 10, 2009 at 3:08 pm

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