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I’m outside of my school waiting for my mother to puick me up. How do I even start I’m tumbling over my feelingds right now. I feel light. The heavy burden of my winter coat is now inherited onto my forearm. I’m ignoring the smells of gas and car fumes and all of these future sounds and just enjoy this breeze. My eyes have a mind of their own, shutting and relax whenever they feel for it. I was sensing it all day through school. That today was a much warmer day, I don’t know did the groundhog see his shadow? I won’t lie there is still that touch of cold, if the sun was beaming it’s heat on me right now I’d be in orgasmic bliss. It really takes a good weather change for my thoughts to just go blank like this. I gues other things just don’t succeed at making me happier. I don’t let much make me happy. I’m convinced that that is a bad thing >.>.

Mom’s here…
She’s stifling my mood with her cheesy smelling car and her constant ignoring spells. I’m upset now. Why is it always like this? The moment I come in contact with anyone in my immediate family I feel as if…I’m just not calm. If weather is the one thing that bring out my happiness (and good books) then my family is the one thing that brings out all my anger. I need to work on that. But the only thing I’ve come with so far is not reacting but then all of my ager is stored up and then I blow sooner or later.

Here I go again escaping into my music again…



Written by Br1dgeoverwater

February 11, 2009 at 4:20 pm

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