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Oh boy, my friend “Michelleee” called me “betchtets” today. D: I’m guessing she meant bitch tits or something or the other. I don’t blame her I love saying cool beans and muffins and smex xD! But when I say things like that and “what the fresh” she believes I am being too animated. Come ooon -_- me “too” of anything? Am I stuck in the 90’s she says. Well I was born then let me enjoy life a little please. That convo was fun…sigh.

I’m texting Sarang now. She is the sweetest thing. She just moved to America with her younger brother Midem from Korea and their English isn’t great. I don’t get this about foreigners and the U.S. I would love to speak any language I am confronted with. Why do so many think everyone has to know English as if it is the language of the world. It isn’t. So Sarang now teaches me a few Korean words sometimes and she says I have an excellent accent :D

What I was going to say is that she wants a boyfriend. And she is so cute about it – “i want a boyfriend to say him I love you”. She is a dorable xD. Night.



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February 16, 2009 at 1:18 am

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