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Another AIM Convo with Tiffany >.>

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dominicansonly93: i dont even noe the difference now
sumaatochan: Omg
sumaatochan: Lawl
dominicansonly93: yeah ::I
dominicansonly93: lalalalalala
sumaatochan: What are you talking?…
sumaatochan: >.>
dominicansonly93: .. im random remember
sumaatochan: Yes yes you are
dominicansonly93: .. oh god my comuter is making an annoying dinging noise
dominicansonly93: —
dominicansonly93: -_-
dominicansonly93: i didnt do any homework
dominicansonly93: fuuuuck
sumaatochan: I like where we are when we drive in your car
dominicansonly93: ]monkey
dominicansonly93: …. lyrics
dominicansonly93: to a song
dominicansonly93: i heard before
sumaatochan: Hellogoodbye
dominicansonly93: but dont like anymore
dominicansonly93: yeah that one
sumaatochan: Here in your arms
dominicansonly93: -_- sooo old
sumaatochan: Lawl so mean
dominicansonly93: ew.. get new music
sumaatochan: I downloaded today
dominicansonly93: ill introduce you to some
sumaatochan: Because I missed it
dominicansonly93: -_-
sumaatochan: XD
dominicansonly93: my friend says shes inlove
dominicansonly93: love is such a strong ord
sumaatochan: Awww ..>
dominicansonly93: .. i was laughing so hard that i pee on myself a little
dominicansonly93: anyways
sumaatochan: Just a little….adult diapers
dominicansonly93: : D i wanna show u music
sumaatochan: I can’t on my phone
dominicansonly93: ew it was a joke -_- you go to far
dominicansonly93: D;
dominicansonly93: D:
dominicansonly93: your phone sucks
sumaatochan: Yeah sometimes
dominicansonly93: i dont like clowns
—————— February 9, 2009 9:59 pm ——————
sumaatochan: What?
dominicansonly93: i love 2D from the gorillaz
sumaatochan: Me same :]
dominicansonly93: im just writing down what im thinking
dominicansonly93: -_-
sumaatochan: That’s nice
dominicansonly93: im being random
sumaatochan: Cool
dominicansonly93: … without even noticing until now
sumaatochan: I guess
sumaatochan: In the mood to…
dominicansonly93: you probably dont think so
sumaatochan: Read my lj
dominicansonly93: wow i new it
dominicansonly93: ….
dominicansonly93: look at pi… you and blogs-_-
sumaatochan: I’m getting mexican food
dominicansonly93: thats nice
dominicansonly93: i already ate
sumaatochan: Nice
dominicansonly93: soup and lausanaor w.e
dominicansonly93: i wish i can draw people people
dominicansonly93: i wanna go to naked people drawing classes
dominicansonly93: XD that would be exciting’
sumaatochan: Yes exciting O.o
dominicansonly93: -_-
dominicansonly93: you dont understand
sumaatochan: I was kidding
dominicansonly93: i didnt noe
dominicansonly93: jeez
sumaatochan: Oh
sumaatochan: I wasn’t going crazu
sumaatochan: Crazy
sumaatochan: Like you wouldve
dominicansonly93: …
dominicansonly93: mines was more serious
sumaatochan: What do you mean?
dominicansonly93: :-D idk what im talking about anymore
dominicansonly93: all i noe is i want something sweet
sumaatochan: Lol
sumaatochan: I’m having black bean and nachos
sumaatochan: XD
sumaatochan: Wow that looks amazing
—————– February 9, 2009 10:09 pm —————–
dominicansonly93: the picture
dominicansonly93: : ) just found it
sumaatochan: Yeah it’s really good…is it really drawn or photo
sumaatochan: I can’t tell when it’s so s,all
sumaatochan: Small
dominicansonly93: i think its drawn
dominicansonly93: XD i wish i can draw like that
sumaatochan: I think anybody would
sumaatochan: It’s really detailed
dominicansonly93: maybe someone already likes the way they draw
dominicansonly93: yeah
dominicansonly93: :-) watcha doin eattin like a fattie?
sumaatochan: The food isn’t even here yet >.<
sumaatochan: I would be though
dominicansonly93: aww too bad
sumaatochan: If it were here :D
dominicansonly93: ugh mary aint on!
dominicansonly93: :.>
dominicansonly93: we are like cheese and rocks
dominicansonly93: : D
dominicansonly93: just doesnt make sense
dominicansonly93: we*
sumaatochan: Lol cheese and rocks…
sumaatochan: Good one :D
—————– February 9, 2009 10:20 pm —————–
dominicansonly93: gotta pee
sumaatochan: Yup
—————– February 9, 2009 10:22 pm —————–
dominicansonly93: do you really think it was a good one!
dominicansonly93: Xd
dominicansonly93: i try hard
sumaatochan: I can tell
dominicansonly93: …:O
dominicansonly93: i lied!
dominicansonly93: i dont
dominicansonly93: i just made that up on the spot
dominicansonly93: … i over reacted right?
sumaatochan: Yes and no doesn’t matter I think
dominicansonly93: -_- im a faliure
dominicansonly93: !
dominicansonly93: :.>
dominicansonly93: : D i have other cousins you noe
sumaatochan: Yeah but you always want valerie over
sumaatochan: You mention her more I guess
sumaatochan: Anyway
dominicansonly93: …. no i dont
dominicansonly93: just sometimes
sumaatochan: What is it about
sumaatochan: Ok
dominicansonly93: yeah thats cuz danisha lives in florida
dominicansonly93: its like about this columbian girl who wants tits
dominicansonly93: and uhh shes gets them done but it has drugs in it
dominicansonly93: ugh and this whole dramatic thing
dominicansonly93: she like marries a name like 30 years her senior
sumaatochan: wtf?
—————– February 9, 2009 10:32 pm —————–
sumaatochan: That’s nuts…
dominicansonly93: and her… yeah its over dramatic and i only noe little
sumaatochan: Sounds entertaining
dominicansonly93: theres more!
dominicansonly93: shit i wanted to read edgar allen poe
sumaatochan: Than do…
dominicansonly93: .. i will
dominicansonly93: but i need to get off soon
dominicansonly93: :< i still didnt do h.w
sumaatochan: Ok I'l see you tomorrow maybe
—————– February 9, 2009 10:38 pm —————–
dominicansonly93: your leaving
dominicansonly93: nighty nighy
dominicansonly93: night**
sumaatochan: You have homework right
sumaatochan: I'm staying on
sumaatochan: I thought you were leaving
dominicansonly93: : D that dont mean ima do it tonight
dominicansonly93: i do it in the morning or at lunch
sumaatochan: Lol
dominicansonly93: i might squeeze in social hw
dominicansonly93: its a pain in the ass to do it in the morning
sumaatochan: Yum black bean soup
sumaatochan: Vegetable nachos
sumaatochan: Bliss :I
sumaatochan: Uhh…
dominicansonly93: i have to help my mom with the martgage
dominicansonly93: mortgage
sumaatochan: How?
dominicansonly93: >:I i hate this
sumaatochan: So sorry
dominicansonly93: … like im requesting a lower payment on the internet
sumaatochan: Oh
—————– February 9, 2009 11:14 pm —————–
dominicansonly93: yeah
dominicansonly93: its annoying
dominicansonly93: :I
dominicansonly93: anyways whats up?
sumaatochan: My aunt is arguing with us about american’s attitude towards foreign languages
sumaatochan: All because my brother said he doesn’t like his spanish teacher
dominicansonly93: haha
dominicansonly93: thats what he gets!
dominicansonly93: is ur aunt makin sense
—————– February 9, 2009 11:20 pm —————–
sumaatochan: No she isn’t
sumaatochan: I says americans aren’t at the level of eurpoeans
sumaatochan: All americans
sumaatochan: I’m not like that I love other languages
—————– February 9, 2009 11:25 pm —————–
dominicansonly93: why?
dominicansonly93: XD i love languages
dominicansonly93: i think its sooc ool
dominicansonly93: soo cool
sumaatochan: I know I don’t want to stay in america at all
—————– February 9, 2009 11:55 pm —————–
sumaatochan: I keep listening to suck my kiss -_-
dominicansonly93: I LOVE THAT SONG!
dominicansonly93: then were will you go
sumaatochan: I know…it’s your fault I listen to it so much
sumaatochan: What?
dominicansonly93: XD
sumaatochan: Here’s a song
dominicansonly93: thats my 3rd favorite song!’
sumaatochan: Jack johnson sleep through the static
dominicansonly93: if u dont want to stay in america then were will you go?
dominicansonly93: what??
sumaatochan: Ohhhh
dominicansonly93: yeah
sumaatochan: Either england france italy or spain
sumaatochan: And that’s a s
ong I just showed you
sumaatochan: Jack johnson
dominicansonly93: do u noe how to speak french, italian or spanish
sumaatochan: No
sumaatochan: I don’t
sumaatochan: Lawl
dominicansonly93: u didnt show me anything
dominicansonly93: but w/e
dominicansonly93: lol
dominicansonly93: \in spain they speak weird spanish
sumaatochan: Jack johnson sleep through the static
dominicansonly93: like ugh
sumaatochan: I heard
dominicansonly93: its difficult but i understand it’
sumaatochan: Don’t they say vosotros
dominicansonly93: i also understand some portugese
sumaatochan: And use x’s and shit
sumaatochan: Cool
dominicansonly93: i think so
sumaatochan: Back to what I was saying about jack johnson
dominicansonly93: text me if u wanna talk cuz i g2g
dominicansonly93: -_-
sumaatochan: Ok
dominicansonly93: buh bye
sumaatochan: Byez :]
dominicansonly93: dominicansonly93 signed off at 12:01 am.
dominicansonly93: dominicansonly93 signed on at 7:28 pm.
——————————- 7:49 pm ——————————-
dominicansonly93: did you read starfigthers?
dominicansonly93: :<
dominicansonly93: im confused
dominicansonly93: one fuck scene to another
dominicansonly93: XD i get it -_- thanks for answering
dominicansonly93: douche
——————————- 8:13 pm ——————————-
sumaatochan: I'm sorry my mom took my phone because I wouldn't clean
dominicansonly93: … wow your mom does that
dominicansonly93: thats sad
sumaatochan: I was so mad
sumaatochan: I'm doing homework from like last week
dominicansonly93: lol
dominicansonly93: losa
sumaatochan: Shaddup
sumaatochan: Gimme a few minutes
dominicansonly93: –
dominicansonly93: -_-
dominicansonly93: watever
——————————- 8:19 pm ——————————-
dominicansonly93: you take forever g2g
[AVAILABLE] me love ILSE long time!
dominicansonly93: dominicansonly93 signed off at 8:20 pm.

This is basically how I talk to my lovely friends on a daily basis :D



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