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Ahh I sound not so good xD. I will try my best I am only a second year. がんばります!My school year will be over in two short weeks and I am proud (ish) of how i made it through the year. As you can see this entry is not private! I’ve decided to leave it that way because I don’t really like to log in all the time to check on things this makes it semi-easier. But if you want to see pass entries you must add me. I really don’t have the time or patience to change over 100 entries from private to everyone. 

I’m working on finals for everything. Including my art. A lot of my work is to large to scan and then put up -because that was my previous plan- but I guess I can always make use of a digital camera and upload everything on through there. SO that will be be a project for me to do this upcoming summer. Speaking of 夏の休み時間 I did not get that job from Summer Youth that I so desperately wanted. So I will be staying home with my delightful sisters whom I love and tolerate so much. I will also be moving into the city this summer as well. Thank goodness it will save me so much time when I want to go out. Eventhough, I will still be attending my old school in Fresh Meadows so come September again I will have to make quite a journey back into Queens. I really don’t want to change schools again. That would make whatever future school my 5th high school. Also I will be a senior next year I don’t want to be some new schools n00b when I am one year away from breaking out.

One thing that would be great about hcanging schools though would be having a different 日本語の先生. A new class environment would be very nice actually. My Japanese has improved over the last school year and I want only to get even more skilled at speaking the language thuroughly. 

I’m tired now and I’m watching this Korean Reality special We Got Married that I LLOVVVEEE!!!! So I will be back later. Expect more of me since the year is almost over. 



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May 30, 2009 at 1:23 pm

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