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I already applied to the obvious locations for a 16 year old high school student – McDonalds, Burger King etc. – and with this recession I’m really not expecting  a break. Despite the lack of optimism I applied to both Target and Pathmark today for full-time positions. Those applications took a lifetime and half and I’ve actually just completed the Pathmark application that I started at about 4:30. I ask for everyone’s good graces so that I may finally be able to earn money and become the ideal consumer I have always dreamed of becoming (^3^) hee*

The unfair thing about this whole job thing is that my younger brother already got 2 jobs! What the hell!?! >.> It doesn’t make any type of logical sense I am 16 versus his 14 years and should therefore rank higher in eligibility when it comes to job erm…..getting. I’m so upset. He’s so lazy with crappy grades yet he always gets everything I want and wish for. I feel like I’m not meant to have anything. I’ve lost money several times, I’ve missed out on opportunities to get things, I’m never present when other people are receiving presents and with this now I am unable to get a job. I think I already mentioned not being accepted into the Summer Youth Internship Program. All the facts you need to know – lottery; brother got accepted; I was rejected; it is now too late to apply for any other youth internship or volunteering program. Allow me to cry once T_T

This is really weighing heavily on my brain I kind of really want to cry. Massive sigh. とても悲しいですよ!ざんえんでしたねえ。。。



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June 30, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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