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I’ve been watching lots of dramas with my little sister since break started. WAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!! I didn’t mention that I got a “sorta” job! (For those who don’t know a “sorta” job is a job that isn’t really a job that doesn’t pay a lot and you have to work a lot of hours but hey at least your getting money from somewhere :D) I’m so happy I deposited my first check – of a sad $50 – into my bank account this afternoon. I feel so grown up my first job xD!!!! Well anyway this job is really an internship so it’s something I can put on a college application and all. I was sent over through the internship program to the public library near my house to serve 12 hours a week earning $100 every two week pay period. Not bad eh? Well sorry but it kinda is I get bored so quickly unless I have endless carts worth of books to sort.

Next week however I have to work 24 hours (which I hope is allowed) so that I can go on a youth retreat with my church during the first week of August. Don’t wanna be missing out on money haha. I’m kind of nervous about the retreat because the girls going in my church I heard from my sister are all kind of how do I put this rude. Ah chinchara! >.>

Speaking of college applications I’m going to college next year’s September!!! Hoorahhhh :D

I’m excited about that really, I’ve been dying to be free in my city and once I’m adult college starbucks type material I’ll get to do all that. What i heard today really made me happy – especially because I want so badly to get into Columbia University – if you’re coming from unrich parents ,such as myself, and are an A student most ivy league colleges will allow you to attend for no money at all!!! I’m happy xD. All I have to do is continue studying like I have been for the rest of the summer and pace myself so that I will do very well on the SATs so that I can get into the school of my dreams. It’s all I want God give me this T_T.

I also have a lot of other things to do for the next school year like starting my Ap Economics paper (still have not gotten that book >.>) and complete my senior folder that was due in June might I add and continue studying for Japanese so that I am up to par when I start my AP Japanese class too. It’s a lot to think about so I usually do just one at a time. The beginning of the summer I started with mostly Japanese because I enjoy it the most and I started this week working on SAT test prep – mostly the critical reading section so far – next comes the paper and senior folder and I’m all set to be a star student senior at Francis Lewis High School :D. (Sorry for the run-ons ^^’)



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