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Tonight will be the second time that I’ve seen this man. Around middle-age possibly older, casual clothes, driving a Subaru Forester and stuck with a wheelchair.

The first time I’ll tell you I was really shocked with this man. He came out of our local Kroger’s, in his wheelchair and basically skidded across the parking lot using his feet to get to his car. What!? This guy is in a wheel chair acting like a kid who plays around in any wheelchair they set eyes because it’s hilarious to be stuck in one >.>.

Well anyone he reaches his car and stands up (!) puts his groceries into his car which has an auto-opening trunk (woahzah :D) and then proceeds to put his wheelchair into the trunk. this is the part that makes me wish I had never been staring in the first place. After that span of about 10 mintues from when the man left the store until he put that wheelchair away my “secret show” (I am a terrible person T_T) starts walking. At first, I was like wth is wrong with him right, and then it guts me and I feel terrible for sitting in my cqar and guffawing at what I thought was some ridiculous lazy dude.

After I fully realised what my reaction had been I could only continue sitting there silently apologizing and questioning whether or not .I always reacted this way. Me! The one who is always arguing with her mother about being judgemental and not giving people a chance to present themselves. I really wanted to develope that part of me to be immune to the differences in other people. It was all aprt of my master plan of reaching enlightenment and self righteousness. You have to work hard to step out of common human reality and adopt I want to say a moral aloofness if that makes sense.

Seeing that man for the second time I felt better than I thought I would. Again sitting in my car in the Kroger’s parking lot I watched him pull up to his car in his foot-drawn wheelchair and unpack. I smiled like I was in an actual conversation with an old friend. Weird how the mind works right? I don’t think I’ll ever learn his name but I hope it’s something like Paul or Randy. I don’t know he looks like that type of guy. I’m happy I kind of met him :D.



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November 5, 2009 at 9:47 pm

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