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The reason I am sitting in Physics acting like I have nothing to do is because I really have nothing to do! D:.>.

The part that makes me the most angry is that there are a few guys in here who are dumb as a door knob and they have As while I’m stuck with the B! Yes I know I’m whining but really I get in a raging hormonal mood when I get suckish grades. It’s not entirely my fault I swear it must be genetic since my mother can really blow her dreads off when she’s angry.

I had something to do which was to complete a lab that we had done in our last block, but I’m done now and so is a good percentage of our class yet we still sit here and do nothing. My physis teacher just doesn’t know how to pace himself or the rest of his class he’ll just talk for a long string of time and then get silent and we’re left staring like wth just happened. And I know nobody gets what’s going on!

Why does this always happen? Why is America so lacking in capable and reliable science teachers? I want to be a biology major how will I ever make it into a good school with what they’re offering at these public schools? No more questions I’m going to stare at this guy for the rest of the period.

Danni =.=


Written by Br1dgeoverwater

November 5, 2009 at 12:31 pm

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