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Need Headphones!

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Self explanatory actually. I’m so tired of pressing my Sidekick (2008) to my ear in substitute of real headphones. That is not how I do music! I live it up close and personal blaring in my ears without outside interruptions. My mom says headphones will be apart of my Christmas present. Is she mad!? Why would I want some $8 headphones for a present? It’s just her being cheap. All the more reason why I had a job by now. I wont be buying any presents for anyone this year because of lack of funds. It’s aggravating…. this means I wont be accepting any presents either! It wouldn’t feel right to just receive. Sigh…

All that aside I succeeded in exempting all of my exams so I started break very early (adding three days) and did nothing. Over a month ago you would have heard me talking about going to New York for holidays and staying with my aunt and sister. Yup, that has changed. My mom basically decided that I can go anywhere I want when I graduate. Wow right. I mean I plan on moving back to New York as soon as I get my acceptance letter (hopefully) to one of those colleges (preferably one with full scholarship). I really get depressed when I think about how much my mother wants to control every aspect of my life. It’s because she is angry with my aunt about taking custody of my brother that she doesn’t want me to go up there. She’s asked me a million time whether or not I plan to invite my aunt and sister to my graduation. It’s ridiculous. I can care less that my aunt has my brother living with her now. He obviously didn’t want to live with us so why should my anger and life revolve around something you can’t change. That’s why I get so upset about moving far from my mom too. It’s a lose lose situation. If… no when I move back to New York I’ll basically be alone because my mom will be staying in Virginia. If I go to college in Virginia then I won’t be able to move back to the only state I love and then I love again. FML.



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December 20, 2009 at 6:17 pm

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