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Merry Christmas

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I woke up very early this morning, literally at about 5 am after my alarm clock finally went off after being broken for over a month. I didn’t want to be awake either, after the first 20 minutes I was like “uhhh….what the crap why am up so early”. Eleven-thirty is not an early bed time to me and I really wanted to get my 10 hours of holiday-coma induced sleep. Needless to say I haven’t gone back to sleep since 5 and I said so on my twitter haha. Two hours later my younger sister sprung awake and demanded to open her presents and so on. So all my sisters ended up waking up and wreaking havoc on all the presents my mom and I spent forever wrapping ‘from Santa’. It was really sweet in a home life sort of thing.

My mom’s presents for me – that I never got to see, how 7 years old – was a  therapeutic fountain and an LED flameless candle. I’m 17 not 70! What an insult, I’m not trying to sound you know ungrateful but my 12 year old sister got a fricken digital camera! I never got a camera unless it was handmedown and I didn’t get my first electronic device until I got a job and bought it myself. I wasn’t very angry before but writing about it now is really plucking at my nerves. Sigh. I’m just trying to tell myself that I am not disappointed and next Christmas will only be better.

Anyway, I’m chipping in to help buy my sisters a Wii. Aren’t I a doll? c: I guess I would be using it too, but I don’t really feel like they are going to let em call it mine as well. I’ll only be home for another 8 months and then it’s off to college. I’m excited about being in New York again but afraid of leaving my family. I’m not sure how I’ll take it. Since we moved from New York to Virginia I don’t have much family left up there and I’ll be pretty alone in Manhattan (God willing that I get into the school of my choice). It will take a lot of adjustment, I’m so used to my sisters and mother having not gone out a lot as a child and preferring home over anything. Ugh, need to change the subject. Now…

I’m starting the longest letter ever written by me to my sister, Gabrielle. It was her idea. She asked me to get a notebook and just start writing in it and send it to her for Christmas next year. She’s doing the same. I started today so that will be a full 52 weeks of entries to give to her. I might go over one book though, because one I start writing it takes me a while to stop. I’ve already wolfed down 3 pages today so I don’t know how long that book is going to last. I’m including pics and odd drawings in it haha. I’m such a kid about new projects and I tend to get a little eccentric with my ideas. Most people are like wtf Danielle but I do it anyway.

OHHH another exciting what’s it! There are so many sales going on tomorrow! My mom will get a chance to redeem herself and get me proper 17 year old “young woman” gifts. I want jeans and gloves and such. But with her already paying the difference on the Wii I don’t believe I’ll get much. I need to start on my psychology assignments and finishing my college essays due in 5 more days. I haven’t even touched a school book since I started vacation over a week ago. We’ll see how that goes, I’ll get writing.



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December 25, 2009 at 8:20 pm

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