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Year of the ipod

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For over two years all I wanted was to get my hands on an iPod touch of my own. Starting today I have one. What happened was my mother came home from work at about nine on wednesday and decided to buy my sisters and I iPods. I freaked the hell out. I think the ipod touch is the greatest invention since…well I don’t know what exactly all I known is that I love it and I love typing on it haha.

Now yesterday my mom had me under the impression that my iPod would be coming on the seventh and that it was in some place like Minnesota or something. Turns out she had clicked the wrong link when checking the shipping status and had clicked on another seperate order of an iPod case she had also ordered for me. My iPod was actually supposed to come on the tenth on Monday but there’s great news. Today my mom text me in the middle of class and told me that it was here but no cases. Strange huh?

Great feeling that was. I’ve been so excited and dowloading a bunch of free apps and crud even though my mom has already bought me a $25 iTunes card. I don’t plan on using it though until I order my debit card on monday. Speaking of Monday I have an ap exam on Monday as well so i’ll be going to school late that day getting myself a few extra hours more of sleep. And I’ll have my iPod to fawn over as well. :D



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May 8, 2010 at 12:49 am

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