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At Kings Dominion

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I brought Fionna along with me to go to Kings Dominion today, well yesterday. My younger sisters and mom were going so I went too, might as well use up this season pass while it’s still good. We tried to get on as many rides as possible and this was my first time riding the rides at night, not to mention that it is nearing Halloween so kd was all prepared to scare the shit out of us. Where did we start? Uhhh…well I think we went straight to the Intimidator when we first entered. I absolutely love that ride. Kings Dominion was actually my first time actually getting on real roller coasters. I had gone to the New Jersey State Fair one year with my Aunt Tanya and we had gotten on the ring of fire and I had also gone on space mountain at Magic Kingdom but those two just about sum it all up. When I first went to kd with my physics class back in June (when I was still a mere high schooler aww) we had gotten there super early of course and I had really thought that every experience was like ours, we basically just glided onto a ride without any lines really. It was fabulous. But then I came back with my sister, godsister and godmother. We got on the Intimidator first, of course, because I was simply in love from my last visit. We got to ride that 4 times without the line being crazy so I was still in my naïve state thinking the rest of the park would be that way. It wasn’t. And today I feel was the worst. We stood in line for the Volcano for an hour and 20 minutes. For a less than 20 second ride. Absolutely ridiculous. Nothing got better after that and I guess we just faced the facts because we stopped complaining.

I’m back in my dorm room now and I have a dentist appointment at 9 and it’s already 4 a.m so I’m have to get ready for snoozes. I’m going home for the next 3 days afterwards because it’s Fall Break (Columbus weekend) and we have off from class until Wednesday. I really don’t want to leave Fionna in here either because everyone in our pod went home so she’d be completely alone. I’ll wait until tomorrow when some friends of ours who live downstairs return. They live in Richmond so they can get back here quick, then Fionna can just stay with them for the rest of the break. I’ll miss her extremely. xD



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October 10, 2010 at 8:03 am

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