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Summer Vacation Update

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What I want to do today is write a simple update about my time away from school staying with my aunt and sister in New York. So my mother moved with my little sisters to Tampa, Florida in March or April or something. It really was spontaneous, as she tends to be when she sees fit. My mom has always wanted to move to Florida so although I’m upset that I was left behind to fend for myself (which I’ve basically been doing since the summer before I started college) I’m happy that she’s gotten this chance to live somewhere she has always wanted to live. Me on the other hand, things haven’t been going so great.

I got a job at the nearest Friendly’s, and by near I mean an hour and a half bus ride into Long Island everyday. The money is satisfying, however, it is the most stress I have ever been under besides finals week. The people are either nice or ridiculously rude and the people I work with are all nuts. Not to mention if you get sick one day you might as well jump off a roof because they are going to be super pissed and threaten to fire your ass if you don’t come in even though you are going to have to get your aunt to come in and drag you out late in your shift so you can spend 6 hours in the emergency room on an IV drip. Oh, yes, it might just happen. But the money is satisfying. I haven’t saved enough because of the expenses I have while I’m here but it should be enough for my upcoming book fees and such. Such a ridiculous amount of money I have to spend when I get back to school.

I have this whole plan in my head it’s so perfect and real I can just taste it already. You see, I have always wanted to be a doctor, no joke, since I was about 6 years old. My mom and I used to watch TLC together all the time when all they had were hose medical shows and this one doctor, she was a pediatrician, hear name was Andrea Pennington I think, I always told my mom I want to be a doctor just like her. And so far my dream hasn’t changed, the type of doctor I want to become has changed a little but it’s still same ole’ with me. For the past 2 years maybe I’ve been thinking pediatrics and obstetrics and I can do it surely I mean what kind of rules are there for how many roles as a doctor you can be? Simply put, I settled with aspiring to become an OBGYN, obstetrics and gynecology. Sounds fun eh? I just really love babies and I get to learn more about my own body to boot. What I’d really love is to become one of those lifelong doctors, you know, like be the doctor that delivered you and became your pediatrician and so on and just stick with you. Like a family. I don’t know how popular that is but I know I’d really enjoy it.

So as part of this plan states I will do absolutely stellar next semester and bring myself way above that 3.0 gpa. I will exercise every morning now that my new dorm room is situated right outside of the gym. I will also spend my time wisely studying in the day and sleeping at night (duh). And as a side task I will fast on the weekends for enhanced spirituality but mostly to practice self control. All very doable. I’m a realist here. The excitement has been building up in me, so even though this hasn’t been the greatest, or worst, of summer vacations I have total confidence in how happy I can be once school comes around. I have a goal, not to strict and I WILL stick to it. I think this blog post was more to reassure myself than anything else but it’s nice to get down proof that I’m out there trying to improve my life.



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July 28, 2011 at 11:57 am

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