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I’m in Tampa

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I swore I would never come here. Actually, I swore that I would never even think of visiting this place. I wanted only for my mother and sisters to come up for me, and they did once during the past fall semester and it was very nice but I was not supposed to set foot in Florida. Well I’ve done it and here I am.

It wouldn’t be all that bad if I knew how to drive but considering that I can’t it has been miserable for my sisters and me while my mom is at work during the day. We’ve been spending our time on Netflix and playing lots of Mario Kart and other Wii games. I’d really like to say though that I would love to return to school next semester with a driver’s permit at least. I don’t know why it hasn’t happened for me yet, when I speak of not having one I get the most demeaning stares I want to cry. The way I’ve been “optimistically” seeing it is that even if I got my permit and moved on to get a fancy license I still would not have a car to drive and probably would not have one for quite a while.

Now as for my life as of now. I’m going into second semester of sophomore year at the University of Richmond. I’ve gotten over the fact that I will not be transferring nor will I ever get better at any type of Chemistry. Still want to be a doctor though, sorry. I’m trying hard and learning a lot about myself; like the fact that I am not a very good student. I don’t know why it is. I know that I want to succeed and accomplish great things and go very far but it is so difficult for me to concentrate as I see other students at my school do. I’ve noticed that I will sit in front of my books and shortly after catch myself staring into space instead of working, accomplishing nothing. It has happened all semester and it really frustrates me. I’m doomed to never achieve a good gpa at this rate.

Love life: zip. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I would really enjoy some romance, however, it is not happening at Richmond. I think it’s a lack of my type being present generally. I don’t find many of the guys attractive at all, not that their not good looking but that they don’t grab my attention. At all. It has just been very boring. The personalities are boring. And I’ve found that quite a few people are thinking I’m kind of weird. Again. I hate getting situated only to be presented the fact that I’m “strange”. I always end up feeling embarrassed for things I might have done that were freaky in someone else’s eyes, though I know I shouldn’t care. It kind of makes you feel like a loner when no one is getting you.

Before I sign off I know there is something important I want to talk about here. Aha! I got my septum pierced last week right before I missed my flight to Tampa and had to take another flight 8 hours later and got caught up in a line from 4:30 to 6 am. This whole piercing experience has been hilarious because apparently I have been freaking everyone out with my sudden dive into getting them. It started with the two microdermals I got on my collarbone back in summer and then half way filling my ears up and now this septum piercing. I just find that all of the piercing I have a very tasteful and  I don’t mind going for more. Not because of the pain but because of the result. It’s great! I actually had my septum pierced a month before by my sisters friend who does her tattoos but he did it so severely crooked that it was almost coming out the front and the pain was so excruciating I was regretting it immediately. So I let it heal up, because of course I still wanted it, and I went back to where I got my microdermals and tragus piercing over at Sacred Tattoo on Canal and Broadway and Star did it for me and the pain wasn’t nearly s bad at all. I wanted to kiss her it was over so fast and now I’m obsessed and want new jewelry to experiment with. Pics as soon as I can…?


Danielle <3


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December 26, 2011 at 4:19 am