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Tonsillitis Blues

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I’m home sick this week because I was completely rundown by this new bout of tonsillitis. I have no energy and it’s very difficult breathing. When I went to the doctor’s office he was so amazed at the sheer size of my tonsils that he had other nurses and aides come in to take a look. Sigh, just ridiculous. Now stuck at home on various throat and cough medications I’m trying to figure out how to stay sane. Between stressing about my terrible job and how my supervisor would love to see me go for good and the tiny pay checks I now have to worry about my position at this unionless company being stable because of my absence. I’ve spent a decent amount of time looking up other employment options and applied to a number of them but there isn’t much out there this time of year. I need connections!


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January 7, 2015 at 9:05 pm

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