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(Edit 6.7.13) 私はダンにです。I’m Danielle, I’m 20 and a senior at the University of Richmond. This was a past rant of mine from high school that I don’t feel like editing because i think its still a pretty good sense of my character. So please read and learn about me! (End edit)

I want to make this personal. I had a livejournal account for nearly a year but I found I was very limited in how far I could take my blogging (and also I was enticed by wordpress custom layouts <3 – which are not allowed on livejounal unless you pay). So here I am starting again but please don’t hesitate to also add me on livejournal so you can see view my previous entries and get a taste of my past uh….アヅベンチヤ。xD

Alright I’m really excited to explain myself to everyone and see how many ‘kindred spirits’ I am able to connect with. I’ve already explained that I am a high school student and I have a heart-throbbing, tear-jerking, exciting and unadulterated love for international languages. It didn’t quite start from taking my first Spanish foreign language class in junior high school, actually I hadn’t been learning any language at all but growing up in New York City I was always exposed to many cultures and diversity. Despite my instant love of hearing the tall man at the fish market shout at his partner in Chinese, or my babysitter when I was younger talk to the neighbors in Spanish when I got my first chance to learn a language I didn’t take advantage of the experience and goofed off. Learning Spanish in junior high school I never payed any attention in class never took time to study and I passed along through the levels without knowing much. Unfortunately. I think that if I had failed from the beginning it would have given me the push I needed to be ambitious about it. At the time I didn’t realize that I was simply blocking something out because it would take time and brainpower. I was lazy and I probably though it was uneccessary to learn in a predominately English speaking country.

When I moved to Virginia shortly after I started my first year in high school I was all about being different from everyone else and double outlining in bright fuchsia sharpie every unique part and opinion about me. Chesterfield is such a small time place compared to Queens and nonconformity was the most appealing solution in saving me from my anxiety and boredom. I continued Spanish for the whole year and never made it past a C+ and I am well aware that I didn’t even deserve that. But I tried harder than I had before, I actually knew what I was reading in those small excerpts during our difficult test. The thought that one day I could travel to another country like Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica provoked me to the extent that by the end of the year I was determined to become fluent.

But Spanish wasn’t for me. At least not at that time. I applied to take first year Japanese for my sophomore year. I can be one of the first to tell you that Japan took America by storm with it’s introduction of manga (pronounced mahn-gah), anime, JPOP, and more adult type stuff (…uhh ^^’) especially in my younger days of after school Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo watching on Toonami and later as Naruto Uzumaki and Shuichi Shindou kidnapped my heart. I got really into it as I got older because I love cartoons and the limitations of anime and manga still seem unreal to me. I jumped at the chance, but I moved back to New York in the summer and was enrolled in a Catholic School where Japanese was not offered and I was introduced to French. Shortly after, however, I moved back to the same location and started the class anyway (what a stressful life for an almost 15 year old). I worked diligently I’m telling you. I didn’t want to fall so far behind my classmates who were already over a month into their studies. I never studied so hard and I had never wanted a goal such as that so much. I reached the top of my class in less than a marking period. I was excited it took me a quarter of the time it did a majority of the class to learn the new alphabet and I loved communicating solely in Japanese with some of the diehard anime fans. I was in bliss.

As of June 2009 I will be ending my 2nd year of Japanese, again in New York at a much larger school and again with a native Japanese teacher who is completely amusing. I love that i never feel anxiety about entering my class and worrying about not knowing because I’m willing to find out quickly and study it until it’s lodged angrily and permanently in my frontal lobe :D.

At Francis Lewis High School so many languages are offered and I really wish I could fill up all of my classes with just that. Ha, imagine a full day of school no math, no science, history, or gym just language. T_T I’m teasing myself. Honestly, the second language I would like to pursue seriously is Korean – hangukmal. Unlike Japanese my love of it started through actual connection with the people. I have many Korean friends who all amuse themselves with teaching me a word or two so I can shout it aimlessly at my other unsuspecting Korean acquaintances. It’s fun to learn something new and because my school unfortunately only allows for immigrated Koreans and even Chinese to partake in those two languages i plan to wait until I start college. Until then I indulge myself with dramas and vocabulary. I am in bliss.



Nice to meet you Everyone!



Written by Br1dgeoverwater

May 30, 2009 at 4:36 pm

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