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Long Time

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Today is 9/11. I can’t believe I had to be reminded after all we discussed in school today. I pray for anyone who was affected by that event, I guess that means most of America and other places as well. I pray for their happiness mostly, I want for everyone to find what they were looking for even if they can’t be with me on this earth to reach it.

My mom has made some nutty rule about me not being able to use the computer since school has started. She is so . I’m at the library now trying to log onto my school website but that isn’t working out. I have some crazy forum answers to right up and I have no idea as of how to log on.

Not that it matters. I want to move out of this school right away. It’s not working for me I don’t like the classes and one of the teachers just drives me insane. I want to transfer as soon as possible but my mom keeps stalling. She just doesn’t like to see me happy is what I’m guessing.

If that works out maybe I can pursue my current dream of going to school in Manhattan. Sure, I could always wait until I enter college and go to Columbia (hopefully) but I am so very eager can I really be blamed. There is so much history about Manhattan and so much to see how could I not be so greatly appealed by it.

I guess I should try to work on this chemistry homework or else that freaky Dr. Haiby might try blowing his nasty bengay breath all over me again. Peace.


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September 11, 2008 at 5:36 pm

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