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A few minutes ago I finished a manga series (shonen ai) and the author had a really great impact on my life. Most shonen ai is all about the physical part about a great relationship and then added drama to make it juicy. This one manga though, called Complex, brought in the mysteries of real love in friendship whether it’s romantic or not. The real special thing about this one manga was how it maneuvered through this couple’s life. They started out as small boys spending every moment of their lives together and as extremely difficult events occurred, as you will see if you decide to read this manga, they fought for each other. Realizing their love for each and breaking up because of severe consequences they still fought for each other. Living their life together even after their deaths (at around 80) they never separated his love coming to bring him to were they can continue to be with each other for an eternity, in heaven.

I’ve never had such an impact from a love story in my life. The reason it has such a significance to me is because I can honestly say although I’ve had friends I could tell some things to I have never had someone I could talk to about everything. Best friends, like those that are involved in this manga are so rare to find because most people in their own way are sometimes afraid to open up to someone probably in fear of being rejected criticized or let down. This couple just let their feelings come out even if it took some time. I’ve never had one out of those same fears but it is possibly the best solution in having a happy life. Best friends.

(wanna know why girls are so nuts for shonen ai. because we are hopeless romantics and believe love can come from anything and anyone-but yuri is just weird lawl)



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August 10, 2008 at 8:46 pm

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