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Battle Studies – John Mayer

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I’d describe it as an updated and more personal view into his life than his previous honeybee blog, (Japanese Blogging Tool) which he sadly took down. I really love the videos man. I just watched a recent one – well kind of recent I’ve been doing nothing but play Sims 3 lately so I’m a little behind…in everything! – and he’s in Japan on a little getaway and it looks so serene and artistic and I’m just so jealous. And in love because how awesome is it that your favorite musician and person shares an interests of yours just as deeply. We’re kindred spirits and I love him. Uh…didn’t need to add that but who cares it’s obvious!He says | Seven songs in… lots going on. Took a week off and traveled Japan. Wanted to get really quiet so I could hear what my head was saying. Two words of advice: travel alone. Music via an 8am jetlag pop-awake and Native Instruments Acoustik Piano. I took a break from still photography and used a Panasonic HVX200 HD camera. I stayed still, let life move in front of me. Man, am I deep! |

I love how clear of an image he got through that camera. At Francis Lewis next year I could take take photography and such but not filming T_T. I don’t really mind actually because I will finally be learning guitar xD. YAYYAYYAY! Anyway back to black John Mayer. So throughout this extremely aesthetically pleasing video you’ll see the landscapes of Japan, John having a colorful tattoo filled in and an up-close and personal show with a few lucky people. But no sound. There is sound actually of John playing a piano number as background music but that’s all. The sound quality was very beautiful and made the video even more prize worthy. I have to repeat though that my favorite part really is his being in Japan because he loves the place. In my head I could feel the rainy and peaceful atmoshere around me and what is would feel like to enter that shoji lined hallway and paper screen doors. I’d be very happy.



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June 16, 2009 at 5:46 pm

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