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I am happy

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Today….well yesterday morning I went to the orthodontist and had my braces removed. XDDDDD!!!

It’s sooo smooth and my gums feel all weird because they haven’t come into direct contact with my upper lip in such a long time haha. Yes, there is a down-point. I have to wear retainers for about another year I’m assuming – I didn’t bother to ask I just wanted to get the hell outta there and brush my teeth – and they make me talk with a lisp. I’ve become “spontan-weous” in my speech. I love it >.>

That’s nothing to complain about though I’ve had braces for years before I even started high school. That means most of my current friends have never seen me without braces! Now I have something to look forward to on the last day of school. I’ll march up to school and smile with a big how do you do and everyone will be like le gasp! and I’ll laugh a bit cause I know their freakin out about how gorgeous my teeth are :D. Sigh…

Speaking of school again I’ll be heading over to Frannie Lu on Tuesday to take the Math B regents. Have I studied? No. Will I be cramming for the next two days? Why yes of course! Kidding. That is highly unlikely. I don’t want to give the wrong impression to anyone. I’m not extremely lazy (notice how I had to add the “extremely” in order to make that sentence true) or anything, I’m just afraid to study….ever. I don’t even know how to properly do it so I just never do it and then complain about how stupid I am for not doing it. You understand right? My situation is perfectly understandable.

Changing the subject back to me, (haha) I’ve devised a plan [insert evil laughter]. I have a cell phone under that new phone service metro pcs and it’s a pretty cute phone – I’m so in love with it you should see me. The thing is after getting used to my sidekick phone I get really annoyed now with using a phone without a full keyboard. So what should I do? Well for a limited time I can send my old phone back in and get $30 towards a brand new phone! The thing is that the cheapest phone with a full keyboard would still be $140. That’s the problem with metro pcs. Their unlimited plans are dirt cheap but the phones cost a fortune to compensate for their losses it’s nuts.

One solution I came up with would be selling my old sidekick to one of my mother’s co-workers for $50 and lowering the price to $90. But still where would the remaining price come from? My sister is kind of leaning towards helping me pay for it but she doesn’t get paid much to begin with so I don’t really blame her if she can’t afford to lay out money for my phone – especially when she’s trying to get a new phone herself.

Unfortunately, that was the only solution I came up with….I’ll try harder next time.

So this is the phone I have (this cost me $120 in the store >.>)

versus the phone that I want (this would be $90 if my plan works)

You see my dilemma. I haven’t even confronted my mother with this idea yet. Counting my chickens again.

It’s nearly 4:30 in the morning and I have church at 8:45 :D. I don’t know how these things happen to me…wait yes I do! I’m just irresponsible. Goodnightmorning!

daaaannnniiii xD


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June 21, 2009 at 4:31 am

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Pet Peeve = Soda

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Let me start first by saying that I haven’t drunk soda in a few years, so when I had the bright idea to taste this cranberry ginder ale my sister had chillin in the fridge I felt as if I received a sucker punch to my unaware mouth. The taste of it was so acidic and strong I lost my eyesight for a a few seconds (lol) my eyes started watering super bad and I had a coughing fit. Reminds me why I hated the stuff in the first place (why did I need a reminder exactly?). Not to say it’s disgusting everyone in my family are soda addicts

Also i got my bottom braces taken off and I can’t stop runnin my teeth over them. They feel so smooth<3!


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September 27, 2008 at 12:56 pm

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My Japanese teacher is bugging the hell out of me even though she is super sweet. It started my first day of class with her. I’ve only taken Japanese one year yes, well this woman just goes off completely in Japanese. I can of course pick up a few phrases and sentences but the rest is lost in the abyss that is my brain. I’m asking around my class secretively if they know what the hell is going on and they all nod their sad heads in shame. Obviously the only way to learn a new language is to be properly exposed to it on a daily basis and thank goodness I’m getting that but Kimura-sensee give me a break!

Anyway no use in completely stressing over that. I made a little onigiri (I really need a Japanese word processor) character that reminds me so much of Tohru from Fruits Basket<3. Speaking of love of anime it’s been a while since I’ve watched any or even read manga.


Just spent hours rereading Gravitation and this fricken hilarious manga called Your My Girlfriend – I swear I am just as spaztic as this girl xD. Ah I had a good laugh today. It’s so late and I’m going early to the orthodontics office to get my bottom braces removed tomorrow morning. I won’t be truly excited until the whole thing is off. That’s how much I hate these things, they ruin my happiness in even having them come off. Wish me luck I hope I don’t get my gum sliced again by my senile orthodontist. Night!


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September 26, 2008 at 11:20 am

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Today was the day I was supposed rid of my number one (well not really) vice. This evil in my mouth that most call braces.  I think I’ve suffered long enough, over four years, not to mention that with school starting in less then a month I’ve got nothing to impress my peers with besides my attractive, not, mouthgear. 

This is how my long awaited day should have went, I would awake bright and early at about twelve take the next hour and a half preparing myself and then leave off to Queens Boulevard to my fantastic but not funny orthodontist for my appointment at 2.  Arriving there I would be escorted to my favorite cute young orthadontist whose name I have forgotten at the time. He would compliment my excellent  brushing and flossing skills, because they are. Off would come my braces my teeth cleaned and then my confident, perfect and scintillating smile would bring oohs and ahs from the crowd.  I would return home later that afternoon show off for some time and then retire to my bed for another five hours before dinner.

Wrong! I was awaken at the ungodly hour of 7:30 trapezed around the house looking for a peaceful place to lay my head. After a reasonable four more hours of sleep I awoke to madness was rushed out of the door by my insane and always tardy mother.  On the road she was so busy thinking of what most nutty mothers think of and she missed the turn for the Van Wyck.  Finally reaching the office the only orthodontist there was the old and married one, though he is funny. He gave me the bad news that my braces wouldn’t be removed until my next visit after I had patiently (well not really) waited months. Months!  He tightened me up and basically threw me out (well not really). Maybe it was because I was late?  I return home hoping to at least get some much needed shut eye after my unsuccessful day. Negative! My mom is telling me that we have to visit her sister. So I guess I’ll be jumping into a pool later today if it doesn’t rain.


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August 7, 2008 at 3:39 pm

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