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Christmas breaks starts tomorrow and all. I’ve been all hectic and razzled out because of snow and having a 93 average (hell yes thank you!). I’m really tired and I’m on my way to becoming extremely healthy I think. I need to pay attention to these womanly needs. No more junk food I say! The only sweets I love are bananas (I love bananas<3). I want to take my vegetarianism to the next level also – but I really don’t have the heart for it. I’m happy at were I am with it right now though – there is always time for veganism in the future yeah? Another exciting thing that has happened recently in that my best friend, Lashawn, from back in Virginia just graduated and I’m freakin out happy for her. I have to beg her to come up here to New York and visit.


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December 23, 2008 at 9:18 pm

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