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School: I Am So Proud

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Today after a couple of classes and meeting up with the couselor so I could show her my report card, I was put into the top junior class. I think I mentioned that my class of 2010 will be the first graduating class of East-West. Well if I didn’t there ya go. So this whole being in the top class means a lot. The smartest students, almost all Asian, are there and now me too. Boy, I really do sound like some nasty stuck up braggy bitch, but I’m just really excited about it. I came home and told my mom the news and she said "oh that’s nice danielle". Well, thakns for all yor love and support but I’d really like an extra side of attention. Anyway nothing can ruin my mood at this moment. I’m going to chill outside and do my mountain of homework with a smile on my face.


Written by 松本 ダニエール

September 3, 2008 at 4:26 pm