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NYC Chemistry Regents

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I had to wake up in the morning because like I told you school isn’t officially over until the 26th and I have (well had) two state tests scheduled for today the 17th and next Tuesday the 23. Today was the chemistry regents. I was freaking out as sooon as I came with in distance of my school and that is really my own fault because I didn’t study…anything. I went in cold for a test that would determine whether or not I would be promoted to physics next year. I’m really so disappointed in myself even though I found the exam to be fair. I’m a procrastinator I’ve come to terms with that I just wish I would mature a little more in that area so that I wouldn’t have to stress myself so badly and get depressed.

When I first got to school there was already a huge crowd gathering of all the students with the same goal. I stood around for a second or two and guffawed at all the chaos. There were so many students there like me with notes and review textbooks stuffed into their bags to do some last minute cramming. I arrived really early for no reason in particular – well mainly because I find it much easier to study outside of my house – around an hour and a half earlier than neccessary actually. I ran into a friend of mine from P.E. and she helped me a review a few things, all the while calling me retard and failure and telling me how annoying I was when I kept asking her the same question in greater detail because she just couldn’t explain it to me right. I love her.

When it came down to test time I forgot what was going on. I lost my nerves really and started taking the damn thing. A few times I froze up because I just didn’t know an answer but never for longer than a minute. I’d like to say that I kind of glided through that test. I was very happy when I reached the last question. I didn’t even check my answers just so I could break the hell outta there real quick.

Hopefully next week when I have to take the math b regents things won’t go as rough. I’m better at math – not really I’m stronger in science just not chemistry I’m more of a biology person – so I feel more confident at least. Good luck to anyone else still stuck on those final exams. おやすみ!

ダン二イ <3

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June 17, 2009 at 11:02 pm

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