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Hello Again

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I don’t really know where to begin. For the time being I would just like to say hello again to my online journal. I have missed you. I feel like I am somewhat a new person from when I last posted. For starters, I am a college student now. I go to the University of Richmond, and live on the Westhampton College campus. It has been a great experience for me so far. I don’t feel quite as grown-up as I had initially thought I would once I got out of my house and into my dorm. I’m not exactly making my own rules, well besides deciding what ridiculous hour I will be getting to bed every night. Sleep is definitely one of my closest friends since I have begun school. If I have free time all I really want to do is crawl onto my elevated bed (that is a pain to get in) and roll up in my monkey snuggie and sleep the daylight away, that is if I don’t have anymore classes for the day. I like my roommate and the room we share. Her name is Fionna, she is Chinese and speaks Cantonese. She was born and raised in Massachusetts though, and has taught me a few things to say but she doesn’t read or write in her language. We’ve talked a lot about old Japanese movies we watched when we were younger, she watched them in Cantonese and I either enjoyed dubbed or subbed versions. I think we’ve come to agree that Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke and Howl’s Moving Castle are the best. She got me to watch some Totoro which I had always had glimpses of but never actually watched and in turn after I showed her Ponyo we argued about whether it was a bad movie since Miley Cyrus’ younger sister dubbed the voice a few years ago. I still think it is amazing and I watched the subbed version last night when I didn’t sleep until 6 a.m working on a bio paper. It really is such a cute movie. Speaking of my room, I have some pics of what my room initially looked like when I first set it up.

It’s changed a bit since then but I’d rather take more photos while the sun is up and the room is naturally lit. I will work on that tomorrow. And to just randomly throw my schedule out there, I am in 4 classes one of which has a lab for my biology class. The other 3 are Japanese, a first-year seminar in which I am taking a course on animals in literature, and a human figure art class where we sketch nude figures. I have so interesting choices here at Richmond so I’m pretty excited to continue choosing more courses. So, I’ve added in my first semester schedule. It is the worst I’ve seen by far among everyone I’ve met. My Wednesdays are completely packed and I always feel dead on my feet by the end of the day. Just another 2 months and that big mistake will be completely changed. Firstly, no 8 a.m classes! No Friday classes! And definitely no classes past 2! I have learned my lesson. But boy do I love college!

Danielle Smart ’14


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October 8, 2010 at 9:57 pm