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School: Not Even Close

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So about the whole school thing. I didn’t get into the environmental school that I had originally wanted, I didn;t even get into a school in Manhattan. What I got into was some lame school here in Queens that probably has 100% Asian population going on. My aunt told me I could always travel into the city on the weekends but I want to be there daily dammit! Everything is out of my hands at this point in time so I am just going to prepare for school with a heavy heart. In about two years I’ll be choosing whichever school I feel for and no one can turn me down. Unless, of course, if I don’t get in because my grades suck. But I am pretty confident that they don’t right now so no need to worry.

EDIT: The school is East-West School of International Studies by the way.



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August 31, 2008 at 2:59 pm

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