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Tonsillitis Blues

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I’m home sick this week because I was completely rundown by this new bout of tonsillitis. I have no energy and it’s very difficult breathing. When I went to the doctor’s office he was so amazed at the sheer size of my tonsils that he had other nurses and aides come in to take a look. Sigh, just ridiculous. Now stuck at home on various throat and cough medications I’m trying to figure out how to stay sane. Between stressing about my terrible job and how my supervisor would love to see me go for good and the tiny pay checks I now have to worry about my position at this unionless company being stable because of my absence. I’ve spent a decent amount of time looking up other employment options and applied to a number of them but there isn’t much out there this time of year. I need connections!


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January 7, 2015 at 9:05 pm

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IPad 2 Release Today!

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I came to New York for spring break and I brought along my roommate Fionna. We came last Saturday via Chinese bus from Richmond to Chinatown. Six and a half hour drive people! Once we got into the city I found out that our ride into queens (aka my aunt) was no where near to picking us up so we had to take all of our luggage and my bunny rabbit in her carrier onto the subway. Poor Sephora was already scared senseless and then she had to deal with that loud subway. What made it worse was the F train being out of service so we had to go down into brooklyn just to get onto the correct train. It was too much in one day and with three bags a piece. When my aunt got us from the subway station we decided to eat out for the night but that took forever to decide on of course and my brother had to be picked up from home so he could join in. Thai was the meal of the night in the end. It was delicious. It was this restaurant a bit into Long Island down Merrick Road. All of this description means I forgot the name.

Fionna and I ended up spending the whole of Sunday napping and tv watching in my living room. It’s been such a long time since I sat down and watched television, there’s a tv in my dorm room now and I still don’t watch it. I’m so busy with work all the time I can’t enjoy entertainment. Still find the time for fanfics though. Fionna left Monday for Boston. I actually popped that “do you want to go New York with me tomorrow” question the day before we left. Fionna wasn’t planning on going anywhere for spring break but this gave her something to do and a cheap alternative from getting a flight home. She really surprised her parents, literally, she arrived in Boston called her dad and was like “can I get a ride home?” Her mom was even funnier she yelled at her and then hugged her. So Kodak.

With Fionna gone my sister and aunt at either work or school and my brother at a DECA competition I was going to be alone all day everyday until Thursday. My sister had the audacity to invite me to her boring school where there are no couches or anywhere comfortable to sit I was so tired that day and sleeping actually hurt. Big mistake.

After that it got better. Fionna came back bright and early Thursday and we went out to Koreatown to meet friends from our university. We went to a traditional like Korean restaurant called Han Bat on 35th between 5th and 6th. There was this giant shrimp in my dish, whose name I can’t even duplicate at the moment. It was pretty good though. My sister and her friend Matt, who’s in a jazz band that I’ve gone to seen, came to have dinner also. Our group left the restaurant and went to a hookah bar down on Astor place. First hookah experience. It was amazingly fun. I want to do it again as soon as possible. Afterwards we were sort of forced to split up because our friends got through to the 6 train and we didn’t make it haha. Very fun night though. My aunt was pissed because we were out until 3.

Which brings me today. For the last 3 or 4 days I’ve been going on the apple website and watching all the videos and reading all the info on the new iPad 2 released today. And today around 1:00 pm Fionna and I got to Prince St saw the line for the apple store already going down a whole block and joined it. We stood in line for five and a half hours and I bought an iPad. I’m an iPad owner as of today. I love this thing. I’m excited about all the things I’ll be able to do with it. We’ll see how much I’ll fall in love.


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March 12, 2011 at 5:22 am

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It seems as if I blame a lot of things on other people. That doesn’t sit well with me I need to stop immediately.

School….so-so. I’m not really impressed with anything. I don’t really know what to do with myself since school started. I thought my junior year would be…I don’t really know but I thought it would be more than this. A job is in order. I spend close to twelve hours of my day for school, from waking up in the morning to getting home. Then I fall asleep, haha, and then wake up to rush finish my homework and then prepare for the next day. It’s ridiculous. That transfer into Environmental Studies would really do a lot for me. I’d feel so much more comfortable with being in Manhattan daily.

I saw a few websites that sell vegan/vegetarian products I have them bookmarked. When I have spare money I plan on ordering a few things. The prices where ridiculous high for these tiny bottles. I have no idea what I’m gonna do when I have to officially buy these products and then become dependent on them. I really want to switch over completely to all organic and environmentally friendly products. It’s just going to cost a shitload of money.


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September 12, 2008 at 10:31 pm

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