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Update 04.14.11

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Next Friday marks the beginning of the end of classes. Since I have no Friday classes this means I have only 4 more days of classes before finals and before I can finally get out of here! To put it plainly, I am exhausted. I turned in my final paper for philosophy today and I still have a work in progress for a chemistry group project but besides that and finals I am practically finished. It feels so good to be alive :)

Last week was really the worst week of these two semesters for me. I pulled three all nighters and worked eight hour shifts four days out of the week. I must have slept about 9 hours that whole week. I’m still feeling the exhaustion now so when I went to sleep last night and got eight hours of sleep my body probably couldn’t believe it because I was in a state of physical shock the whole day.

Not to mention (that is such a contradictory statement) my mom moved to Florida exactly two weeks ago and doesn’t give a crap if I get the same amount of financial aid that I received for being an instate student. Luckily, I talked to the financial office and they said I have a grant that will carry over until next year. I’ve never been so angry at a single person. I don’t even want to go down there. I should make the condition that Sephora has to come with or I’m not coming. Great plan :) I’ve been working nonstop at the Cellar out of fear of not being able to afford my phone bill among other things. When ever I see shifts pop up I grab them immediately. I actually worked an extra cook shift yesterday and am working a server shift this Saturday. I’ll be working my regular Friday Sunday and Monday shift and this extra server shift. That’s my whole weekend. That means I worked five days this week. Wanna cry dude :(

Just two more weeks until I’m done and can say I’m a sophomore!


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